Website Analytics

  1. Log in to Portal.
  2. On on the left-hand side bar you will find Website Analytics with a submenu for Audience and Acquisition.
  3. In the Audience section you will find information regarding the overview of your site and and over of mobile views.
  4. In the overview you can sort the information about your website views by the day, week, and even month.
  5. Under Visited Pages area you will find which pages are drawing the most attention.
  6. In the Mobile tab you can also sort the visits to your site.
  7. In the Device Breakdown section you will find detailed information regarding the devices your customers are using and more useful information.
  8. In the Acquistiion submenu of Website Analytics You will find a breakdown of your referrals, organic, and other leads.
  9. In the Referrals tab you will find where are your customers coming from and more detailed information.
  10. In the Search Engines tab you will find the engines your customers are using to find your website.