Reputation Management Tool

How to access the Reputation Tracker Tool

  1. Once you are logged into your iMatrix portal on your navigation sidebar you should see a section called ‘Reputation Management
  2. To access your reputation tracker tool click onto ‘Reputation Tracker
  3. You should see your business name listed under ‘Manage Accounts’ to launch the tool
    1. To view your settings or connect your listings click onto the ‘gear icon in the top right, here you can set your email for notifications. To learn more about settings click here:
    2. Click onto ‘Manage Reputation’ to launch your dashboard

Connecting Your Listings

  1. Upon clicking the ‘gear icon in the top right you are able to update your settings and connect your review websites such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Yelp.
  2. In the ‘Review Websites’ section enter your link url for the corresponding review website:
  3. Once you have entered all of your links simply click ‘SAVE’ in the bottom right to save.
  4. In this section you can also enter your email address to receive alerts for when new reviews have posted as well as information on what reviews your neighboring competitors are receiving.


Dashboard Overview

Your Reputation Dashboard should look like this:

The Dashboard allows you to quickly view summary information about your business, as well as easily access detailed information relative to:

  • Marketing Score - How well your business is using top sites to attract and retain customers. The Marketing score is the sum of Reviews Score, Visibility Score, Social Score, and Promotions Score. The Marketing Score has no floor or ceiling, is an effective tool to monitor your improvement over time, and to compare against your competitors.
  • Review Alerts - The Reviews tab allows you to quickly monitor reviews across the Top Sites. The information can be filtered by rating, site, or date. By default, reviews are presented in chronological order.
  • Visibility - The Visibility tab allows you to easily monitor your online business listings across the Top Sites.
  • Competition - The Competition tab allows businesses to monitor selected competitors.

Reviews Overview

  1. The review section will allow you to view and reply to your reviews. The top section will show you the overall score for all of the review websites that you have linked.
    1. Positive = Any review that is 4 stars or above.
    2. Neutral = Any review that is 3 stars.
    3. Negative = Any review that is 2 stars or below.

Replying to a Review

  1. Below any one of your listed reviews you will have the option to reply to a review:

  2. Once you click the ‘Reply’ option you’ll have a pop up window that will give you the option to write your own reply or you also have the option to use the reply library.
    1. To use the reply library click ‘Select from Reply Library’ above the text box

    2. You can filter the options by theme, business category, sentiment and topic:

  • There are over 600 pre-scripted replies within the Reply Library.
  • The pre-scripted replies within the Reply Library can be used “as-is” or modified before posting.

Visibility Overview

  1. In the Visibility section you can monitor your listings across top sites like Facebook, Google and Yelp. In the top summary you can view how many listings you have and how they are performing:
    1. Excellent Listing = A business listing that has name, address, phone number, city, hours, descriptive copy, website, categories, photos, and reviews all listed, as well as some replies to reviews.
    2. Good Listing = A business listing that has name, address, phone number, city, and hours all listed.
    3. Weak Listing = A business listings that only has a limited amount of information about the business, i.e. a listing with just name and phone number
  2. If you have listings that need to be connected they can be set up through this section. Next to any listing if it says ‘Connect Listing’ click the link and you will get a pop up instructing you how to connect a listing.
  3. Different companies verify by different methods. For Facebook, Google and Yelp look for the following:




    * You may see in this section that you have duplicate listings. Should you encounter this please call our support team at 1-800-462-8749 for assistance with removing duplicate listings.

Survey Tool Overview

  1. In the Survey overview section you are given all of your statics for the surveys you’ve sent, received, email open rate and click through rate.
    Additionally you’ll see the Net Promoter Score.

    Net Promoter Score = based on the idea that every business’ customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. In the surveys sent to your patients, we ask the following question: How likely are you to recommend Sample Survey to a friend or colleague? Their answer is based on a 0-to-10 scale and then converted into one of the three categories.
  2. To view your survey settings click the ‘gearicon in the top right. In the settings section you can edit your survey questions, update your notifications & email settings and review publishing codes.
    1. Survey form - Survey questions can be edited by clicking the ‘Edit’ link in the top right corner. 
      1. Once in the editing section you are able to make default questions visible or turn them off, make them required or optional and enable/disable the comment field.
      2. Additionally if you’d like to add an extra question of your own you can add your own custom question by clicking ‘Add custom question’.
      3. In the General section you have options to decide when to show a post depending on the rating range, ask for gender and age group.
    2. Notifications & Emails - Here you have the option to turn on receiving a monthly report as well as a notification for when surveys are submitted
      1. In the section below you can set what you want clients to see for your business name and reply email address.