Onboarding Frequently Asked Questions

Content Transfers (images, pages, text, biographies, etc)

The Onboarding Appointment

The Onboarding appointment is about 30-45 minutes in length. On your appointment we will: review the content we transferred, pick a website theme if you have not already, explain the onboarding process, and set your new beautiful website live. This appointment is important because this will help us ensure that we are setting up your website to fit what you want.

  1. Onboarding Success Form: Please fill out the Onboarding Success form located here. This form is important because it will help us know what you want out of your website. Your insight will help us ensure that we are creating a website that represents you and your business.
  2. Domain Access: Please have your domain login information available. Our goal is to go live on your onboarding call and in order to do so either you or iMatrix will need access to your domain name. If you do not have access to your domain please follow the instructions we have listed on our knowledge-base located here.
  3. Website Templates: Please pick a template for your website. The template is the general framework and shell of your website. This will largely dictate the look and feel of your site. If you are unsure of what template you want then that is no problem! We can review this with you on your Onboarding call.

In order to reschedule your onboarding appointment, please reach out to our Onboarding Department at 888-667-5235. In the event of rescheduling your appointment, please be advised that you will continue to be billed for our service as a website now exists for you.

Anytime a new client signs up with iMatrix they receive the first half month of their service free! This is to account for the time where iMatrix is transferring your content and setting up your website. Our service is charged on a monthly basis to account for this work and the continual website hosting and unlimited support that are provided. Similar to a cell phone or streaming service like Netflix, we charge on a recurring basis for the hosting and unlimited technical support that are always available.