Domain Definitions

    Domains are like real estate! A domain name or website address is property similar to a house or apartment. They can be transferred to a new person, owned by different people, sold through different companies, and purchased. The following are some definitions that will help you when working with your domain!

  • Domain Registrar
    A company that holds domain names. A person or company that owns a domain has to pay an annual fee to renew or register it which can range in price. Examples of a domain registrar are GoDaddy, Network Solutions, or Effectively the realtor or DMV of domain names.
  • Hosting Company
    Different from the registrar, this is the company who is currently hosting the website; these can be different companies. For example, iMatrix uses as our domain registrar but iMatrix is the website hosting company. GoDaddy is both a hosting company and domain registrar.
  • WhoIs
    Online tool or public registry used to obtain public domain registrar information (registrar, expiration dates, name servers, registrant and DNS). The online tool can be found here:
  • Domain Name Based Email
    A domain name based email is an email address that ends in your domain name or website address. For example, if your website address is then a domain name based email would be [email protected] or [email protected].
  • EPP Code
    A unique code that contains a series of letters, numbers, and special characters roughly 16-digits long. This is used to transfer a domain from one registrar to the next; also called a transfer code or authorization code. An EPP code domain transfer generally takes 7-10 business days to fully complete.
  • Pushing a Domain
    Transferring a domain from one registrar account to another account at the same company. For example a GoDaddy push is when you move a domain from one GoDaddy account to another GoDaddy account.