Pop-Up Feature

COVID-19 Pop-Up Feature



Feature Description 

1) Enable/Disable the Popup Modal

2) Enter Title

3) Enter Caption Text

4) Enable/Disable CTA Button Link which can be pointed to a page

4a) Select page to direct to

*Additional Notes: Once closed, the popup will not display for a user for 24 hours or until cookies are cleared.

Popup will not be displayed in editor or preview. The Pop Up will only be visible via the live site page.

Steps to configure:

  1. Login to your portal
  2. Click ‘Website Editor’
  3. Click ‘Edit Website’ button for given site
  4. Click the settings icon located on the left hand side navigation
  5. Click settings header ‘COVID-19’ tab
  6. Select Enable 
  7. Default Title / Caption Text are populated in fields
  8. Feel free to edit or change this text to fit your needs
  9. Click checkbox next to ‘ Call to Action’
  10. -This will enable a button which is displayed in the popup which can be directed at any page

    10. Link text - the text that will be displayed within the button

    11. Link Type - Options- My Pages, External Link, Relative URL 

-My Pages selected

-Link Page (default- Home)

-External Link selected

-URL (enter URL here)

-Relative URL

-Relative URL (enter URL here)

-URL Preview: http://example.com(same functionality as Banner CTA)

- e.g. Library content or Blog pages

  1. Click Save
  2. Click Publish
  3. Check Live Website to make sure it works. (Changes will not be displayed in preview or the editor)