1. Log in to your Personal Facebook page. Click on the drop down arrow located on the top right of the page. From that drop down, locate your Business Facebook page and click on it.
  2. FB-Instructions_Step1

  3. Once you have logged into your Business page, on the upper right hand corner of the page there will be two menu options: "Settings" and "Help". From those two menu options, click "Settings".
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  5. On the left side of the page, there will be a menu. Click on the 7th option named "Page Roles".
    This will show every account that has Admin rights to your page. This means as "Admin", you can have full access to the page and can edit the page, post to the page, and add others as "Admins".
  6. FB-Instructions_Step3

  7. At the bottom of the admin list there will be an area called "Assign a New Page Role”. Inside blank field, type iMatrix's email address. This email will be different based on your business type:

Veterinary        ▷▶   [email protected]        ▷▶        Greg
Chiropractic     ▷▶   [email protected]        ▷▶        Michelle
Vision             ▷▶   [email protected]        ▷▶        Chris

  1.  Then, under the box where you have just entered the email address, the name of the account will appear. Click this name to verify you have the correct account.
  2. To the right of this field change the word “Editor” to "Admin".
  3. Click on the "Save" button and enter your Password. You should now see the name of the account as an "Admin".
  4. Admin invites are generally processed within one business week if we are not notified. Please send us an email to confirm that our email has been invited as an admin to the page.

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