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Chirotouch/Eclipse Integration

  1. ChiroTouch Requirements: You must first activate ChiroTouch Intake services by signing up for the service at Once you have activated intake services, you will be contacted by your ChiroTouch account manager who will finalize your ChiroTouch set up. For ChiroTouch support call 1-800-852-1771
  2. ChiroMatrix Requirements: Follow the turtorial(s) below to complete your ChiroMatrix set up. Please note that iForm must be activated and ChiroTouch integration must be turned on. The next steps are to add your ChiroTouch ID and Online Health Intake Form. For information about activating iForm and or ChiroTouch integration, please contact support at 1-800-462-8749.

We encourage you to double check both the ChiroMatrix and Eclipse requirements:

  1. Eclipse Requirements: You must have the correct version of Eclipse software in order for the integration to work properly. Eclipse V11 revised on or after 3/10/2009 is required. You must also download and run the ChiroMatrix/Eclipse integration application one time on each computer that will be used to move the New Patient's information from ChiroMatrix to Eclipse. Click here to download the latest application (for clients running the Eclipse interface updated July 2013). If you have any difficulties running this application or if you are not sure which version of Eclipse software you currently have, please contact Eclipse support at 352-796-3152. To see which version you have go to 'Help' and then 'About' in you Eclipse program. For older versions of Eclipse (Before 2/22/2013) Click here for Eclipse Legacy application
  2. ChiroMatrix Requirements: iForm must be activated and Eclipse integration must be turned on. Also the New Patient Intake ready-made form must added as a page on the website. See the next tutorial on this page for step by step instructions. For information about activating iForm and or Eclipse integration, please contact support at 1-800-462-8749.
  1. Export Submitted New Patient Intake Forms to Eclipse - With the click of a button, quickly move your new patient's information into Eclipse. Once a New Patient Intake Form has been submitted from your website, an email will be generated and sent to the email listed in the Settings Profile of your Form Leads section. It will notify you to login to Portal to view the form details.
  2. Eclipse should be closed.
  3. Login to Portal
  4. From the Portal dashboard, click on Form Leads.
  5. You will see a list of form submissions. To the right you will have the 'Options' for each form. Click on the Actions drop-down menu for the particular form that you would like to export into Eclipse and select 'Export to Eclipse'
  6. Click on "Open" from the pop-up window. - You should see a pop-up from your browser asking you what action to take with the .IMX file Eclispe imported
  7. Click on OK for the "1 patient(s) added to ECLIPSE..." pop-up message Eclispe imported
  8. Open Eclipse to view the New Patient Intake information
  9. If you have followed all of these 8 steps and are not getting the results you'd expect, please review all steps in this tutorial beginning with the requirements listed in the Getting Started section at the top.