Chirotouch/Eclipse Integration

  1. ChiroTouch Requirements: You must first activate ChiroTouch Intake services by signing up for the service at Once you have activated intake services, you will be contacted by your ChiroTouch account manager who will finalize your ChiroTouch set up. For ChiroTouch support call 1-800-852-1771
  2. ChiroMatrix Requirements: Follow the turtorial(s) below to complete your ChiroMatrix set up. Please note that iForm must be activated and ChiroTouch integration must be turned on. The next steps are to add your ChiroTouch ID and Online Health Intake Form. For information about activating iForm and or ChiroTouch integration, please contact support at 1-800-462-8749.

Once exported from Portal you will have your new patient's complete health history form available

  1. Double Click on the new patient's name
  2. Click on the EHR tab
  3. Double click on the form from teh list in the "General" sub-tab. A new tab will open to display the entire New Patient Intake form.


  1. OpenEclipse - it's that simple!
  2. Once logged into Eclipse, the Active Alerts tab will display the patient(s) that were imported from Portal
  3. Click on the Patient Rolodex Tab to view the newly imported patients
  4. to see the entire New Patient Intake form, log into your Portal
    • From the Dashboard click on 'Form Leads'
    • The submitted forms will appear in a list
    • To the right of any 'NewPatient Intake' form you can go to 'Options' and click to 'View' or 'Print'