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Portal Migration FAQ

How do I log into Portal?

The log in link will still remain at the bottom of your website, but if you’d like to bookmark the link all Portal logins are managed from one of our three central hubs now.

Once you've reached the login screen, you'll need to input a slightly different login than the one you may be used to. If your login is not in an email format (in other words, if your login is just "joebrown" or "admin"), you'll add your "@{YOUR DOMAIN}.com" to your login. For example, if you log in using "staff", your new login will be " [email protected]".

Is my email going to be affected?

Your email account will not be affected.

If you access your email on your smart phone or via an email client such as Outlook or Mac Mail there will be no changes. However, if you previously accessed your email through iControl, the only difference is now you will access it through Portal.

When you're in the Portal control panel, there will be an "EMAIL" button in the top right. Click that to access your email accounts.

Do I have to re-add my scheduled newletters, cards, or contacts?

Nope! All of your contacts and currently scheduled newsletters and cards will be migrated intact into Portal. In addition, the last six months of newsletters and cards that you (or we) have sent out will also be migrated and archived in Portal.

Will my analytics data be carried over to Portal?

You dashboard data will have six (6) months worth of data imported. In addition, since Portal is using the same source as iControl's data, all information from December 2016 onwards will also be cataloged in Portal's "Lead Tracking" and "Performance Tracking" sections.

What is Portal?

Portal is your new control panel system that will be replacing iControl. It has many new features, helps streamline a lot of processes, and is overall more user-friendly than our old iControl system. But, with every system migration, we need to make sure all of your information and content in iControl isn't lost, our first step is to migrate many of your patient communication features from iControl. In the near future you will see more features migrated into Portal along with your website editor. We'll be announcing the full migration sometime later this year!

What services in iControl are being migrated to Portal?

Almost all features not directly associated with your website will be migrated. In other words, Newsletters, eCards (now just Cards), Contacts, and Leads will all be accessed through the Portal login screen now. Additionally, accessing your webmail (that's your email that ends in @{YOUR DOMAIN}.com) will change slightly. All website-related functions such as editing the website and forms will remain on iControl.