What is Portal?

Portal is the control panel system that you are already accustomed to but now you will be able to edit your website from there as well! Once your website is migrated to the new editor you will be able to go in and make simple edits to pages, images and forms all in an easy to use editor.

How do I log into Portal?

This will remain the same the login link will still be at the bottom of your website and you will use the same username and password.

Will my analytics data be carried over to Portal?

You dashboard data will have six (6) months worth of data imported. All information from the last 2 years will also be cataloged in Portal's "Lead Tracking" and "Performance Tracking" sections. In the ‘Form Leads’ section you will see a toggle at the top that will have two (2) drop down options ‘icontrol-yourdomain.com’ and ‘yourdomain.com’.

During the migration process we will have to reformat your forms to work with the new platform so your old data can be viewed under the ‘icontrol-yourdomain.com’ option and the new data moving forward will be under ‘yourdomain.com’.

Form Leads

What services in iControl are being migrated to Portal?

All features and services will be migrated over to your portal and website editor. The only exception is the ‘Members Only’ section on your website. The upgraded service of this feature is coming soon.

I was using the iStore in iControl, will that be moved over as well?

All clients using the store function will have their store items exported and migrated into their new store. You will need to re-sync your payment information in the new store to begin selling online again

If you were using the iStore function, you will receive a separate email from our support team with login information for your new store.

If I manage my own domain will I need to change anything?

Possibly. If you are currently already pointing your name servers to iMatrix by using either:




Then we have access to updating the website and no action is needed on your part.

If you are currently only pointing an A record to then we will need your assistance. The new IP address is We will email to advise if this change is needed.